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Group Therapy Seattle

Please call us at 206-367-0756 for a free interview

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Educated Women and Men

Come join in the adventure of creating an authentic,

connected and meaningful life in one of our

intellectually and emotionally stimulating Co-Ed

Personal Development Groups.

    Led by well married co-leaders & Specialists in Group Work: Agnés J. Forrás, LMHC & S. John McDonald, LMHC. They have over 30 years of experience leading groups together.


    Our groups are dynamic, high functioning, stable therapy groups, which can inspire very positive change. The sessions aim to be a highlight in your life, with healing acceptance, guidance for healthy coping with life's many stressors, lots of laughter, meaningful relating, & many opportunities for emotional & intellectual growth.

    The interpersonal, interactive process is particularly suited for teaching the knowledge and skills needed to create and sustain committed and satisfying relationships, as the group provides a very effective mirror for each participant's interpersonal behavior. Additionally, the values of kindness, immediacy, directness, honesty, openness, authenticity, integrity and responsibility are  strongly encouraged. This atmosphere allows group members to learn to trust one another to share their wounds, struggles, and fears, as well as their accomplishments hopes and dreams in confidence. A good group ultimately becomes a mutually inspiring process, bringing out the best in everyone. We have seen this happen time and again over the course of our many years as group leaders.  A very special, cohesive, mutually supportive community can develop when committed, growth-focused individuals share deeply the story of their life's journey.

     “We are born into a group, our family.  We live and work in groups our whole life. We are social creatures by nature. Much of our success, health and happiness in life depends on our experience in groups and whether or not we have had enough positive mirroring. The consistently powerful and positive influence of a good fitting personal development group can heal many wounds from our past, and help us become more skillful in a variety of social and personal relationships.”   S. John McDonald, M.A.,LMHC

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TIME:   Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings, every other week.

LOCATION:   N.E. Seattle, Please press this link to see our location:  Map Link

DURATION:  Ongoing

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