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Couples Workshops

Why a Couples Workshop?  

    Marriage is the single most powerful influence in the lives of most adults. When a person is happily married, life is better, when not, life is worse. Yet most couples, for a variety of reasons, pay little attention to making their marriage the accomplishment it can be in their lives. We hold that building a “monument to marriage” is one of the most rewarding and achievable accomplishments in human existence. Our aim is to help you get there, and from our personal and professional experience we know it can be done!


    Experiential learning is the most powerful learning mode for personal and interpersonal change. Information alone rarely produces significant change as evidenced by the ever growing catalogue of self-help books on marriage while troubled marriages and divorce grow rampant in our society. The path to becoming a healthy, whole human being is well served by the institution of marriage. If both members of the couple view their marriage as the crucible for growth it can and should be, then marriage can be a lifelong adventure positively serving the couple, their children, and their larger social network - often for many generations.

    In our experience, change for couples is optimized in an atmosphere of both challenge and safety as well as the ongoing support that other participants in our workshops or groups can provide. Most couples feel isolated in their troubles and dearly wish for just that kind of support. In a safe and cohesive workshop or group setting there is unrivaled opportunity to learn about yourself, your partner and relationships in general. Over time, the various parts of you and your partner become known and your self, and relationship defeating behaviors and attitudes come to the foreground. This offers the opportunity for greater awareness, greater acceptance and of course, growth, healing and change.

    No two people are alike, so having ongoing, unsolvable problems is a given in marriage. The difference between the happily and unhappily married couple is how they handle their perpetual problems and ongoing disagreements. In a group setting there is something very healing about seeing how other couples struggle with and manage their familiar and universal differences. Seeing others move out of their stuck patterns, provides hope and helps develop the necessary attitude of acceptance to create the opportunity for change. The participants also provide many occasions for creative problem solving. There is the wonderful experience of everyone learning from everyone else.


    In a group, there’s an experience of being held accountable for one’s own behavior in a more powerful way than in individual couple therapy. Participants are often surprised to see reflections of themselves in the other marriages — e.g. “Oh my God, I do that, too!” — and if one person musters the strength or resolve to make a change, often someone else is inspired to follow their lead. As people forge emotionally intimate connections within a group, the enriching encounter in that system can spread to the other system - the marriage.  So, the interactions within the group provide a model for emotional enrichment and connection outside the group.

    Sometimes the problem is a lack of essential marriage skills. Accordingly, we provide training in specific communication and conflict resolution skills and give opportunities for you to practice them in the workshop setting.  Often a little "friendly competition" develops where each couple wants to create the best marriage in the group and this can be another motivation for positive change. There is nothing quite like friendly competition toward a shared, positive purpose to bring out the best in people.

    A cohesive working group, is a joy to behold and a source of very powerful energy for healing, growth and change. We hope to share it with you!

For more information or an appointment please call: 206-367-0756

or email us at: forrasmcdonald@comcast.net 


WHO: For couples in all stages of marriage & committed couples wanting to ensure long term marital success. Space is limited! There is only room for a maximum of 5 couples in any workshop.

WHEN:  Depends on schedules and availability. When the 5 couples are selected we jointly set a date.

WHERE: At our lovely and very private home office in NE Seattle, near 110th and Sand Point Way.

Please call  206-367-0756 to schedule a no cost interview or, if you have worked with us previously, to reserve your spot in the group.

Thank you for your interest!